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A BellaLuna Original Play

PESCIOLINO (Little Fish)

PesciolinoIn this bilingual and interactive adventure story, a brave little fish (pesciolino) travels the seven seas (I sette Mari) in search of tranquility, where he wonít be eaten by all the scarier bigger fish. Along the way he encounters an untrustworthy but amusing shark, ( Signor Squalo) a magic mermaid (La Sirena Magica), and the classic Italian storytale characters of Pinocchio, Geppetto and the Giant whale (La Balena). Can pesciolino survive all the dangers of the seven seas, trust Signor Squalo, and save his new friends? Does he ultimately find peace and true friendship?

This pantomime style comic play involves puppets, music and lots of audience participation. The Children will be introduced to many new Italian words and songs as Peciolinoís courage is put to the test!

Age Appropriate: 5 and up
Languages: English and Italian
Style: Pantomine, clown, puppets

Created By:
Susan Bertoia
Susan Bertoia is a Italo-Canadian professional theatre artist/creator, actor and teacher and mother of one beautiful girl. Susan has worked with Western Canada Theatre, Arts Club Theatre, Richmond Gateway, Boca Del Lupo and was co-founder of the all-women circus, Cirque Poule. Susan teaches mask performance at UBC and at secondary schools in the Lower Mainland. Susan holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Theatre from the University of British Columbia.

Fiona Martinelli
Fiona is an Italo Australian actress and mother of four. She was trained at the National Institute of Dramatic Arts and has performed professionally as well as teaching drama to children in Australia, England and Italy before arriving in Canada 3 years ago. Here in Vancouver Fiona continues to coach speech and drama to children, is a member of Hoarse Raven Theatreís Tina & Tonyís Wedding cast as well as I Commedianti, an Italian language theatre troupe.

First Performed by:
Fiona Martinelli
Tamara McCarthy

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