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About BellaLuna Productions

BellaLuna, Italian for 'beautiful moon', is an vancouver-based theatre company that creates physical, comic, socially poignant theatre in a variety of unique venues. Drawing inspiration from current and historical events and with a performance style informed by the traditional masked Italian theatre of Commedia Dell' Arte, our mandate is to produce entertaining work that transcends language barriers and challenges the audience to engage in the performance.

Read Our Reviews Since 1998, BellaLuna has created and produced new plays, performed and roved at festivals, and hosted events in traditional and not-so-traditional venues. Please visit the Projects Link for more on past, current and upcoming shows.

BellaLuna  had its humble beginnings in and around the late 90's when Susan Bertoia was approached by the Italian community in Vancouver to produce, you guessed it, Italian Theatre. The name was an inspiration from a cheesy American/Italian film, Moonstruck. There is an old man, the grandfather and he takes his dogs out for a walk. This one night the moon is full and there is lots of "crazy" stuff going on. The old man looks up at the moon, his hand raised in the gesture to signify *#**#!! and screams "Ma che bella luna!". It stuck. BellaLuna has gestures for every occasion and the idea of being a bit 'mad' when there is a full moon sort of parallels the life of a theatre artist. This appealed to the company, and over a decade later, we're still screaming.

While BellaLuna's core members are of Italian origin, the myth that 'only Italians are allowed to play' is completely false. The key characteristic of anyone who has, does or will perform with BellaLuna is FUN.  Please visit the Ensemble Link for Bios and Photos.

Click to read more on the traditional Italian Masked Theatre of Commedia Dell'Arte


- Futuristi invited to exhibit digitally at Futurism Today or NOT in Toronto's Distillery District as part of 'Nuit Blanche'.
[Olympic Hyatus]
- Pesciolino (Little Fish) at Winterruption Festival, Granville Island
- A.D. Susan Bertoia invited to CATR's 2009 annual conference to present a paper on BellaLuna.
- The Best Italian Variety Show - EVER! at Winterruption and Wild at Art Festivals
- The Return of FUTURISTI! for a full week run at UBC's Frederic Wood theatre
- For Love & Honour in White Rock, BC
- Roving Characters at Granville Island for Canada Day Celebrations
- NEW SHOW PREMIERE: Pesciolino (Little Fish) at Surrey Children's Fest and various schools
- A.D. Susan Bertoia invited to Lecture at University of Toronto's Conference on Futurism.
- Roving Characters at Granville Island for Canada Day Celebrations
- Roving Characters at Fair In the Square in Coquitlam, BC
- An Evening of Varieta' with members of BellaLuna as part of Italian Week
- El Tango Del Leche At SHOW OFF Festival(Theatre Under The Gun Re-Loaded)
- More Touring of The Best Italian Variety Show - EVER!
- Roving Characters at Surrey Children's Festival
- Roving Characters at Whistler Summer Street Festival
- NEW SHOW PREMIERE: The Best Italian Variety Show - EVER!
- Hosts of "Fogolars 2004" Conference at The Vancouver Playhouse
- PLUM - Solo physical theatre created/performed by Susan Bertoia
- Pulcinella Family Vacation - Roving Characters Visit Whistler Village
- For Love & Honour Performed at Whistler Street Festival
- Indiretta dal Cuore (Direct from the Heart) - Valentine's Day Show
- Violins Created in 24 hours for "Theatre Under The Gun 6"
- The Rapture of the Ladle - commedia characters take to the Boards at the Fame Hall, Vancouver
- PLUM - solo physical theatre created/performed by Susan Bertoia
-This is how created in 24 hours for "Theatre Under the Gun 4"
- SAGRA - Annual Italian event, where BellaLuna provides lively entertainment
- BEFANA - Christmas Folktale for the Family
- MISS ITALIA pageant!
- Teatro Italiano - Vancouver Museum

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Famous Commedia Proverb: "A Company That Eats Together, Stays Together"