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Fresco(click for high res) June 10, 1940: Italy joins forces with Germany in WWII. In Vancouver, 44 Italian Canadians are interned and many more are branded 'Enemy Aliens'.
A present-day woman looks into her past when she inherits the family home and uncovers generations of secrecy buried inside.

MEDIA MATERIALS: POSTER, Media Release, Company Info & Bios
'A Question of Loyalty' (Project Backgrounder)

VIDEOS: BellaLuna Artistic Director Susan Bertoia and Playwright Lucia Frangione talk about FRESCO.

More Interviews:
-Saying 'Grazie'
-A Question of Loyaly

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The Return of FUTURISTI!
23 SINTESI [short, explosive playlets] from 1909-1939 written by Painters, Sculptors and anything but writers bring the turn of the century absurdist revolution to the stage with passion, vigor and a 100 year old vision of the future.
Show Materials: Info Package/Media Kit , Media Release , Show Reviews , Study Guide

Publicity Photos: (high resolution)
Zang Tumb Tumb
Disconcerted States of Mind
Old Age
States of Mind
Negative Act
Various Sintesi
Various Sintesi

Pesciolino (Little Fish)

About Pesciolino
Available for the 2009/2010 Season, Pesciolino (Little Fish)is an interactive, multi-lingual shadow-puppet play for young audiences aged 4-12 that addresses themes of bullying, loneliness and building friendships through the underwater adventures of a little fish. The play is in English and introduces italian words with audience participation and song.

The Best Italian Variety Show - EVER!
This show combines the excitement of Christmas morning with a pinch of satire
and a good dose of cheese into a deep-dish comedy lasagna!
Show Materials: Info Package , 30 Sec. Radio Spot

Publicity Photos: (high resolution)
Cast Shot Bocce 2010
The Immigrants Culini Sexy Dancers

The Immigrants

BellaLuna's "The Immigrants" is an excerpt from THE BEST ITALIAN VARIETY SHOW - EVER!

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